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90 minute massages now R250

60 minute massage now R200 


Many of our clients suffer from ailments such as diabetes, high/low blood pressure, skin conditions, arthritis, depression and migraines. CASE STUDIES is a more indepth approach to assisting individual clients with their ailments through massage. Over a 10-week period the therapists will research individual client's ailments and will provide the appropriate massage to further aid the client. The weekly one-hour massage sessions will cost R120 per session. For more information about the programme or to schedule a booking, please contact Martha on

Who are we?

The Western Cape Blind Association, WEBA, set out on an inspiring journey into a life of hope, healing of brokenness and restoring lost dignity of blind and partially sighted men and women. The lives of nineteen people have changed forever. The name ‘Light and Healing Centre’ manifests the message of their achievements, moving from the ‘darkness into the marvellous light’. The intuitive touch and the profound listening skills of the therapists have moved many people who have come to our centre, who have in turn shared this wonderful experience with a friend, a colleague, a family member.


Experience the powerful abilities of blind and partially sighted men and women through their wonderful, intuitive touch.


  • we offer aromatherapy, lymph drainage and reflexology massages, pedicures and manicures
  • we offer a basic aromatherapy course on Saturdays (four sessions at R220 per session) to sighted and blind participants. The course is facilitated by blind aromatherapists. For more information, or to make a booking, please call Miche on 021 761 9507
  • we offer an outreach service to companies, organisations, churches and government departments
  • WEBA will be offering Self Help Workshops once a month. So far we have hosted two workshops which have been a great success. To participate please call us.

Sewing Project

Class starts 2 August 2015

Topic: Interior Decor and Soft Furnishings

Content: Dressing the living room, kitchen design, quilting and patchwork

R400 per month

R100 registration fee


Busy Ben Project

Home and business services

Electrician, plumber and painter

Contact Ben: 061 744 0817 / Miche: 021 761 9507

Feedback from clients 

The warmth of the rooms and therapists really takes the chill out of winter.